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Getting started with free and open source software

The magic behind free and open source software (or FOSS) comes from a few people who are freely giving to society part of their work. Free software often start as projects fulfilling a personal need, then a community may grow around the project because it seems useful to them. Some ...

Enabling the Marvell SATA controller on an ASUS M2V motherboard

The computer running the domain had an extra hard disk installed since last November but I did not have a chance to use it because I didn’t have a SATA cable for it. The disk was finally connected yesterday. However, the system did not recognize the disk ...

Playing Loki’s SMAC safely on recent systems

The computer strategy game Alpha Centauri (SMAC) keeps getting older and is not maintained since the company having the rights — Loki software — closed its doors, and the source code to the program is not by any means available to the public. It crashes easily for many reasons, but mostly for ...

Owww! It’s hot in here!

I checked the current weather on the Web to make sure that the very high humidity was not a product of my imagination. Some clothes from this morning’s laundry have been hanged but at this rate they are not even close to be dry until tomorrow. Environment Canada confirms ...

Rsync on Windows sanity

While I was trying to synchronize a music library between the Linux host and a Windows machine by using rsync (cwRsync, to be exact), I realized that most of of the directory and file names were scrambled, or displayed long strings of question mark characters. There is a --iconv flag ...

Shell history statistics meme

What now, dude? history | awk '{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}' | sort -rn | head
200 sudo
182 ls
90 cd
62 vi
52 mv
43 java
38 eyeD3
33 tail
25 javac
21 ~/embedcover

Looks like I spend most of the time at the console ...

Installation de Ounk sur Ubuntu 64-bit

Mise-à-jour : Il semble que Csound vient d’atterrir sur Ubuntu Hardy aujourd’hui (12 avril) ce qui évite de faire plusieurs des détours décrits ci-dessous !

Voici un résumé des opérations que j’ai du effectuer pour pourvoir installer l’interface Ounk sur un système Ubuntu 64-bit. Pour commencer, la difficulté ...

Synthesizer tuning

A typical modular synthesizer is not limited to a number of fixed pitches, but can generate sounds in a very wide range of frequencies. However, if one needs to play the synth much like any other standard Western musical instrument, it will need to be tuned. The pitch relations between ...